Roger Williams Park Ponds Restoration

Roger Williams Park is Providence's most important greenspace, with more than a million visitors each year. The centerpiece of the park is a network of urban ponds--100 acres of fresh water valued for fishing, boating, and the scenic beauty they provide.  The ponds, however, are polluted by urban runoff from nearby roads, shoreline erosion, waterfowl and other sources.  NBEP is working with the City of Providence to begin restoring the ponds through innovative stormwater management.  Last year, U.S. EPA awarded funding for the project which was matched by the City.  Now we're working with a steering committee of stakeholders and technical experts, which is developing a restoration master plan to guide the two-year project. 
See a video clip of our partner, the Urban Ponds Project, rallying for a clean environment at Roger Williams Park last spring!

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Dont Feed the Birds!

Learn more about why it is bad to feed wild birds and why we are managing the resident Canada goose population in the park by clicking here.


Roger Williams Park Map
Click on the image above to view the map of the restoration sites.

Click here to read an article by Mary Grady about the project.

Projo Article on RWP Ponds Project
Read the Providence Journal cover story on the RWP Ponds Project

1831 topography of Roger Willams Park Area
Click on the image above to view this 1831 map of the area where Roger Williams Park now stands.

Land Use MapClick on the image above to view map of land use in the Roger Williams Park watershed.

Impervious CoverClick on the image above to view the impervious cover in the Roger Williams Park watershed.

Data mapClick on the image above to view the data sets used to produce the above maps.

Project Documents

Long and Short Term Goals of the Project

Summary of Kickoff Meeting

Horsley Witten Scope of Work

Project Schedule

Results of site walk visit to identify potential BMP sites

BMP Site Selection and Ranking

December 8th 2011 Steering Commettee Meeting Notes

February 7, 2012 Public Meeting

Presentation Slide Show

Summary of Public Discussion

November 15, 2011 Public Meeting

Part 1: Presentation Summary

Part 2: Issues Raised


Background Information

TMDL for Roger Williams Park Ponds

R.I. Stormwater Manual

RINHS BioBlitz of Roger Williams Park


Project Partners

Narragansett Bay Estuary Program
Roger Williams Park Zoo
City of Providence
Providence Parks Department
Land & Coastal Services
Urban Pond Procession
Serve Rhode Island
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 1
U.S. EPA, Atlantic Ecology Division
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, APHIS Program
Environmental Justice League of RI
R.I. Dept. of Environmental Management
R.I. Coastal Resources Management Council
R.I. Natural History Survey
Horsley Witten Group
Save the Bay
Save the Lakes
Pawtuxet River Authority & Watershed Council
R.I. Bass Federation
R.I. Dept. of Transportation
URI Outreach Center
URI Marine Ecosystems Research Laboratory
URI Watershed Watch

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